Your Time: The Greatest Gift You Receive and Give

Face it, if you’re human you probably struggle with time management—either most of the time or at least some of it. And it’s not enough to say, “Tomorrow I’ll manage my day better.” Mastering the clock takes forethought and effort and it starts with a clear understanding of the gift of time in the first place. In Your Time, readers gain perspective on God’s blessing of time. With each tick of the timer, we move closer to eternity.


Author, businessman, and pastor Daniel W. Evans lends a masterly perspective as he breaks down what’s really involved in learning to manage and spend our time with intentionality. From issues of time-control, tools to monitor time, setting priorities, investing time, and learning to give the gift of ours, Evans’s message is simple and direct: our earthly time is limited and only God knows how much of the irreplaceable asset we have left. So, we must invest it well! Because if we don’t decide how we’ll spend it, other people will.


Learn from the bite-sized wisdom of history’s brightest minds—philosophers, poets, world leaders, evangelists, and entrepreneurs—with a profound sense of its value. As Steve Jobs said, “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”


In this concise and compelling booklet—one that takes no more than a single sit-down to complete—the reader is invited to consider time from a Scriptural perspective. And they’re shown an easy formula to manage it through what Evans calls “the ABC’s of investing time.”


One critical takeaway: time is undoubtedly our greatest asset on planet Earth, a gift created by God. And with a little consideration and planning, we can learn to spend it wisely, give it away generously, and thrive.

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Sneak Peak from the Book

Time Is on My Side

Think about a song from the ‘60s entitled “Time Is on My Side” by the Rolling Stones. In no way does the song insinuate that humankind has any control of time. Every movement of the second hand on the clock brings us closer to eternity. There is no stopping it. It is as sure as the universal law of gravity, which is universal.

God is an eternal being and He set time in motion for the Earth. Eternity has no beginning or end. Time does not affect God because He does not operate within its boundaries.


The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:8 (NIV), “ . . . With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” This is in reference to time on Earth as compared to eternity.


As Scripture clearly states, God has complete control of time.

Time Is on My Side

What readers say about Daniel's work

Having read Danny’s book, Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting, I knew I would want to read more of his work. I am not one who usually reads these kinds of books (give me fiction any day), but this author is WONDERFUL, so I can’t turn away a chance to read his books. Extraordinary Giving is as good . . . no, better . . . than Prayer and Fasting. There is just a pull to the reader when you sit down and start reading this book. It’s like God is right there with you as you are reading through it. Powerful.

Molly J.

I’ve always been a giver, but after reading Daniel Evans’s book, I’ve learned some new ways to give and I’m putting those things in practice. I think you will discover as you read that one of the secrets of success is hidden in relationship. Relationship takes you off of that deserted island you may have been hiding on and positions you in a healthy environment to succeed. You’ll have to read the rest for yourself now because I’ve leaked too much good stuff already! Thank you Danny for writing this book. It has been a real blessing to me!

Frank B.

This book is a true reflection of the life of the author. Daniel Evans is not writing about theory or something he has heard or even just things he has studied. He is writing about his own life in the pages of this leadership guide. Daniel has simply taken a great biblical story, weaved the principles throughout his own life, and shared the story with us in this book. This could easily be a story of Daniel’s leadership journey.

Mike H.

This book offers a great reflection on life and our place in life. It captivates and gets you to reflect and think about your own life—how we all have leadership potential in different aspects as well as on different levels. To be able to read a book that gets you to relate your own life and how to evaluate different areas of your life to draw out the leadership potential that is designed into each of us, is a great book. The book helps you realize how we can limit ourselves. However, if we learn to search out and tap into the leadership potential that we all contain, then we will begin to maximize our successes in life! Definitely a must read!

Danny Jr.